The Importance of Life Safety Plans

It is recommended by CMS, as part of a well-maintained healthcare facility, accurate life safety plans are recommended to be in place in every facility. They can save you a ton of money on your fire barrier inspections.



Life safety plans are floor plans that reveal a building’s fire barrier emergency exits and details. They show the fire rating of all fire doors, smoke doors, ceilings and walls. Additionally, it shows the sections of smoke during a fire.

Having a good set of life safety plans created is a great investment because they not only help you to maintain your facility’s fire barrier, but it also helps you plan for it. When contractors come in to perform any kind of maintenance, there won’t be any hassle if they know the location of all the things they are maintaining.

When you hire Florida Fire Door Inspection to inspect fire doors, we will use your plans to locate each fire door. Without accurate life safety plans, we are having to looking for them.

Aside from financial impacts, life safety plans can help you to shield your patients in the event of a fire. It can help you to determine any areas by indicating the fire rating on walls and ceilings.



The best way to get a great plan is to outsource it to a professional. Companies that focus in these types of plans have softwares that allow them to precisely indicate where each door and wall is located with its rating.

It’s not to say you cannot create these maps on your own, however, these companies custom-make each map and tailor it to the type of facility you have. While the cost of these plans may be expensive, it’s a very good idea to invest and save your company money in the future and keep occupants protected.