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Fire Inspection Services

Florida Fire Door Inspection are professional and expert fire inspection services. We are certified by Door Hardware Institute (DHI) as Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspector (FDAI) and Intertek Qualified Personal (IQP) to perform fire door inspection. Our Fire/ Smoke Door Experts will provide a thorough inspection of all the doors in the building to ensure they are safe and complying with the NFPA code and prepare a detailed survey and report on the condition and function of the fire door on your facilities. We are dedicated to meet the needs of our customers. We are valuable resource for building owners, facilities personal and the AHJ. Because Lives Have been lost and will continue to be lost with defective openings, life safety is our mission to protect people based on building construction, protection, and occupancy features that minimize the effects of fire and related hazards. Our fire safety evaluations, fire door inspections, and consultations are done in accordance with the regulations by the National Fire Protection Association in NFPA 80, NFPA 101 & NFPA 105. We Here to helps your facility to increase safety for your employees, improve performance and maintain efficiency for your business operations, and can help you identify possible code compliance violations and related legal obligations. When the Joint commission comes in to survey your facility and if there are doors that are not working properly like holes, breaks in doors or frames, and field modification… it will be deficiencies and any related deficiencies to annually fire door inspection should be cited under K211-Means of Egress General.

Fire Doors Services

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Fire Door Inspection Software

Florida Fire Door Inspection is proud to use MyDOORDATA software as another step toward making compliance easy for its clients. DOORDATA Solutions is the first software company to gain licensing from the Door and Hardware Institute to provide its Fire Door Assembly Inspection (FDAI) forms in digital format. Previously, all inspections were completed using DHI’s triplicate paper forms.

It is a browser based web application that manages inspections for the technicians use to record their inspection work and related results. We use Data codes integrated into their inspected-by labels to reference the specific asset inspected.  The unique reference will give any authorized user real-time access to the inspection and repair history of the asset. This immediate access to history will help clients give AHJ’s confidence of both their work and outcomes of their inspection work. In addition, clients will be able to receive their report online, along with inspection and repair histories. Call now for more details.

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