Fire Door Labels in Your Area

Fire door labels and Fire doors frame are requires based on the rating of the door, painted fire door labels or removed needs a field labeling. It is a cost effective and timely solution to one of the most common deficiencies and non-compliance cited by Authorities Having Jurisdiction who govern under NFPA 101 (i.e. the Life Safety Code) which therein expressly states that “Labels on fire door assemblies shall be maintained in a legible condition”.

If the facility discovers that some fire rating labels on their fire door, frame, and hardware are missing, painted, or damaged, the most cost effective solution is to contact  our field labeling technician who will review and analyze the components of the fire door assembly and then we will apply the appropriate time rated labels to it: 20, 45, 60, 90, 180 minute labels where required.

A report on all opening reviewed is provided to the client upon completion of our site visit contains opening number, label serial number, and time rating for the doors and frames.

Florida Fire Door Inspection has partnered with QAI Laboratories to be able to perform Field Labeling. The QAI indicates compliance to appropriate national and local codes, standards and requirements. The QAI fire door certification label is widely recognized in the industry, appearing on fire doors found within North America. The QAI Registered Trademark shows compliance when the Code calls for a product or system to be “listed and labeled” to a standard, as per the guidelines of ISO Guide 65. The key to our success is our fast and lean approach to get your product certified quicker.


Fire Door Labels Process

Florida Fire Door Inspection can Certify and re-label process for you, saving you time and money. We have technicians on staff that are certified to review your doors construction and through coordination with the manufacturers, re-label your doors and once again making them compliant.

Replacing doors can get expensive and often times in the past that was the only way to correct a missing label issue. We can help your facility re-label your doors and save substantial amounts of money.