Fire Door Certificate

Fire door certificate is the label that indicates compliance to appropriate local fire and building code standards and requirements.  Each fire door is certified by a permanent label that must remain legible. The door and the frame labels contain information of the manufacturer, the time to resist fire, if it’s a smoke door assembly, and the temperature rise rating. NFPA 80 requires that all fire door opening must have a fire rated label clearly visible and should not be removed or painted over during the life of the door and the frame.

For fire door, frame, chute door, fire exit device, and kick plates that do not have a certification, missing, painted, not visible, or have been modified in the field which is a code violation, Florida Fire Door Inspection field evaluation accomplishes this required evaluation. We are Partnered with QAI Laboratories to be able to perform field labeling and make your door assembly compliant once again and apply the appropriate time rated label to it.

The certification Label shall contain

–  QAI logo with “ c “ and “ us “ indicator
–  Listed Fire Door
–  Manufacturer Name and Address
–  Fire Protection Rating
–  Bolt Throw
–  Serial Number

With increased enforcement of the fire door assembly inspection requirements, deficiencies will no longer be ignored.  When an Authority Having Jurisdiction sees missing, painted, or not readable labeled doors or frames in a location where a fire door assembly is required, it may be an indicator of other problems with the opening protective and it’s a violation of the code.

We provides greater value by offering competitively priced services. Our reputation for excellence gives customers a higher level of confidence that our services meets all safety requirements. Our field evaluation services can provide you with next day service to meet your deadline.