Fire Door Re-labeling & Re-Certification

Florida Fire Re-labeling Door & Re-certification serve all the State of Florida. If your previously-installed fire doors and they are missing, not visible, have been modified in the field, or painted over the proper fire door certification standards, Florida Fire Door Inspection’s field labeling service helps you avoid potentially removal and replacement of unlabeled fire doors and fire door frames. Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive report of all components in question and provide you with a written report. A report on all opening reviewed is provided to the client upon completion of our site visit contains opening number, label serial number, and time rating for the doors and frames.

Florida Fire Re-labeling Door & Re-certification will work with you on modifications and corrections, provide re-inspection services and provide the QAI Laboratory certification. After going over the needed components for fire door safety, our fire door technician will install a 20, 45, 60, 90 or 180 minute fire-rated label and a detailed report. We focus on being as reliable and accurate with our inspections so you are sure to receive top quality services. We will work with you on modifications and corrections, and provide the QAI certification.

The QAI Laboratory labels

QAI Labels indicates compliance to appropriate national and local codes, standards and requirements. The QAI Laboratory fire door certification label is the most widely recognized in the industry. For large-scale building and property management companies, Fire Door Field Inspection and Labeling is a perpetual need, and we have your solution. Florida Fire Door Inspection Field Label technicians work seamlessly with your team to assure compliance in many high-rises and large hotel / resort metro markets, including hospitals, health care facilities and schools to name a few. By adhering to the local building codes and fire regulations, you ensure a smooth running property and can avoid the heavy non-compliance fees, fines and even possible closure.