Fire Door Inspection & Label in Florida

Florida Fire Door Inspection & Label serve all the State of Florida. We are professional and expert fire door inspection and labeling. We are certified by Door Hardware Institute as Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspector, Intertek Qualified Personal to perform fire door inspection,  certified by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA for training for Undefined Fire Door Inspection in Health Care Facilities , and Certificate of completion by Steel Door Institute for completed education program for Fire Rated Door Assemblies.

We are proudly partnered with QAI Laboratory to be able to perform field labeling. We can re-label your doors and once again making them compliant. Our fire and smoke door experts will provide a thorough inspection of all the doors in the building to ensure they are safe and complying with the NFPA 80-2010, NFPA 101-2012, NFPA 105-2010, IBC, and Florida Building code 2010 and We will provide you with a PDF detailed inventory and written report on the condition and functionality of each fire/ smoke door. Fire door assemblies are required to be annually inspected and tested in accordance with the 2010 National Fire Protection Association NFPA 80. Full compliance with the annual fire door assembly inspection and testing is required by January 1, 2018 . Life Safety Code deficiencies associated with the annual inspection and testing of fire doors should be cited under K211 – Means of Egress.

Fire Door Inspection is a valuable resource for building owners, facilities personal and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. We Here to helps your facility to increase safety for your employees, maintain efficiency for your business operations, and can help you identify possible code compliance violations and related legal obligations. As a fire door inspectors, we offer you our very competitive services through all of the territory of the State of Florida. We will assure you a quality and timely top notch service to all your facilities in the area. We value our customers and believe in providing a quality service.