Certified Fire Door Inspector Ready to Certify Your Fire Doors

Who has the license to enforce NFPA 80?

The Authority Having Jurisdiction, (AHJ) has the authority to enforce NFPA 80. The AHJ comprises of Fire Marshals, The Joint Commission, (TJC) and CMS. You must be a certified fire door inspector to approve the safety of your fire or smoke doors. The AHJ rely on companies like Fire door Inspection Florida who is a certified Fire door Inspection company to ensure that annual inspection is carried out dutifully by reviewing all the necessary documentation and ensuring that all the important corrective actions are taken to repair assemblies with inadequacies. Fire Door Inspection Florida is one of the leading industries who have personnel who have been licensed to perform and document annual inspections.


Why work with Florida Fire Door Inspection?

We always have a certified fire door inspector ready to come to your site to conduct a thorough fire and smoke door inspection. We are straight forward with our services and do not incorporate hidden fees in our reports. The AHJ could come to your facility at any given moment to check on the status of your fire/smoke doors. Be ready by giving us a call for a free quote.